Auto-Adaptive Robotic Screw Sheathing Station

Robotization of Control and Sheathing of Screws:

Our client, an international aeronautics group, contacted ASM to robotize the control and sheathing of high-performance screws used in aeronautics. The main challenges of this project were vision management. Indeed, the interface developed by ASM had to allow operators to "teach" the machine to manage new screws, independently. When using a new type of screw, operators take a series of shots with vision. Using a few parameters entered in the industrial automaton, the robot associated with the vision is autonomous and is able to grasp the screw, sheath it and then put it away. It should be noted that the system developed by ASM manages the input of screws placed loose or placed in boxes with holes. The output also allows you to choose sorting in bulk or in hole boxes.

Technical Characteristics of the Robotic Station:

After 1500 hours of design and development, ASM delivered a robotic screw sheathing station with the following technical characteristics:

  • Robotic screw sheathing station (STAUBLI TX60) with integrated vision (Keyence, XG range)
  • Self-adaptive machine calibrated by vision
  • System that can handle screws up to 1.3 Kg and 250 mm
  • 400mm x 300mm screw recovery area
  • Post rate of 7 seconds: grip (bulk or box with holes), sheathing and removal (bulk or box with holes)
  • Maintenance with remote access by VPN

Poste robotisé de gainage de vis Robot Staubli couplé à la vision Keyence Vision Keyence série XG intégrée couplée à Robot Staubli Vidéo embarquée robot de gainage Vidéo interne du poste robotisé


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