Industrial Robots

Design of 4 manipulator robots equipped with suction fingersRobotique industrielle - coeur de métier d'ASM

Robotics in Industry

Like the human arm, a industrial robot is mostly composed of 6 axes:

  • 3 main axes used to position the arm
  • 3 secondary axes which are used to orient the work tool at arm's length (like the hand)

There are a multitude of applications for industrial robots but they are often grouped into three categories:

  • Welding and painting robots, mainly used in the automotive industry
  • Assembly robots, widely used in industry
  • Mobile and autonomous robots, often used for inspection, when human intervention presents risks (chemical, mechanical, nuclear, etc.)

There are three main components to characterize a robot:

  • The mechanical structure, the arm: it varies in size, speed, power, precision...
  • The control cabinet (or the computer): it is the brain of the robot and converts the instructions received into precise movements
  • The programming language: this is the basic interface that allows the user to convert the instructions (generally Cartesian commands) into data that can be used by the motors, hydraulic cylinders and other components of the robot

The majority of robots are content to execute instructions, but more and more tools allow learning of the environment and optimize the precision of industrial robots. For example, coupling a robot with 2D/3D vision allows it to very precisely grasp the position of a part and it will thus have greater precision.

The latest generations of industrial robots embed technologies from artificial intelligence that allow a learning mode, thus improving the precision of the operation over time.

The Industrial Robotics Market in the World

  • 1.5 million operational industrial robots
  • Around 180,000 robots manufactured each year
  • A $9 billion market
  • 25 billion dollars if we add dedicated software, peripherals and systems engineering

Our Robotics Skills

Thanks to the dual skills of its design office in mechanics and automation, ASM masters the founding bases of robotics.

As such, its engineers and technicians are regularly called upon to manage robotics issues for its customers.

  • Complete integration of robots: implementation, modelling, rates, optimization…
  • Design and integration of bespoke articulated arms for very specific needs
  • Realization of tools for robots or motorized axes: grippers, sensor support, visions…
  • Re-programming of existing robots in the event of part changes, line migration or range renewal

In order to optimize the performance of its achievements, ASM also integrates the latest industrial solutions:

Based on a solid expertise in industrial robotics, ASM offers tailor-made robotic solutions and efficient robot integration. Our robotic systems guarantee high quality robotic automation, enabling efficient automated production lines.

Our Industrial Robot Solutions

As an integrator, ASM can work with the biggest manufacturers of industrial robots. Depending on the needs of the customer and its maintenance department, the ASM team adapts and installs the equipment requested by the customer.

Spécialiste de la robotique, fournisseur d'ASM - FANUC

In addition to their know-how as traditional industrial robot integrators, ASM engineers have developed dedicated solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of its customers.

They met technical requirements, but also cost, size or even performance:

  • Automated stock management: design of 4 manipulator robots equipped with suction fingers (by venturi) capable of handling bags of multiple sizes
  • Manipulation of specimens: creation of a robotic arm combining electric axes (for precision) and pneumatic cylinders (for speed and cost)
  • Assembly of taps: double robotic arm at the end of assembly (at the exit of the turntable), ensuring the transfer to 2 test benches in parallel

Design of 4 manipulator robots equipped with suction fingers

Realization of an electric/pneumatic robotic armDouble robotic arm
Tests d'éprouvettes

Handling multiple sized plastic bags

Handling of test tubes for the petroleum industry

Assembly of valves with transfer to 2 test benches