Universal Robots Certified Integrator

Since 2018, the ASM Group has been a collaborative robotics integrator officially recognized by UNIVERSAL ROBOTS, the world's leading manufacturer of cobots.



This recognition is linked to the performance and achievements of the ASM Group in recent years in its collaborative robotics projects, particularly in the medical, automotive and industrial sectors.

We can provide you with a unique solution for each industrial sector. Automation is the answer to the rapidly changing market today and we believe there are opportunities for your business to produce smarter, faster, safer and more efficiently.

Universal Robots collaborative robots can be configured to add value to your industrialization by taking care of crucial repetitive tasks. Collaborative robotic arms are versatile and have an almost limitless range of achievable tasks.


Cobots, a New Breath for SMEs

Collaborative robots are one of the biggest novelties of recent years for the manufacturing industry. They have also paved the way for automation in other industries or at other scales. Those who previously had no interest in robotics are now suddenly discovering the benefits they can derive from automation through collaborative robotics. But why ? What is encouraging companies outside of the manufacturing sector to turn to robotics when this was not the case before? What allows SMEs, for whom robots were once far too expensive and poorly adapted to their scale, to embark on collaborative robotics today?


First Reason: Collaboration

As their name suggests, collaborative robots are… collaborative. In more than 80% cases, they can operate alongside humans without additional, sometimes expensive, and always impractical safeguards or security. This ability has made it possible to include them in fields that were once impossible to robotize, both because of interest or funding, such as catering or aviation, in which their efficiency and reliability work wonders. And this, without the need for robotic engineers (absent from these sectors) to operate the cobot.


Second Reason: Simplicity of Programming

Collaborative robots are generally much easier to program than traditional industrial robots. It is possible to program them and carry out simple applications, thanks to intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces. Universal Robots also offers with its UR+ platform, products combining pre-programmed plug & play hardware and software (which work from day one) such as grippers to further increase the versatility of its robot arms.


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