Fully Automated Assembly Line

Fully Automated Line: Assembly, Testing and Assembly:

Our client, European leader in sanitary equipment from Monaco, contacted ASM to design a fully automated line for mounting, testing and assembling flush valves. The main challenges of this project were the management of the layout of the line (limited surface area, multiple posts), the production rate (5 seconds for taps made up of 14 parts), the large number of workstations (23) as well as the management of Manufacturing Orders (several models of faucets managed by the line) which involved the development of a supervision tool communicating with our client's ERP and CAPM.

Features of our Assembly Line:

After 6000 hours of design and development, ASM delivered an assembly line with the following technical characteristics:

  • Fully automated production line of a faucet consisting of 14 parts
  • 23 workstations on a 15m long chain
  • Integration of 3 2D vision systems
  • Design of a custom-made double robotic arm
  • Integration of 8 UNITRONICS PLCs for the management of 23 workstations
  • 1 main UNITRONICS touch screen PLC for the management of Manufacturing Orders by the operator, with dedicated user interface and integration with the client's ERP
  • Line output to 2 test benches in parallel, integrated into the line
  • Only the supply of the hoppers, with an autonomy of 2 hours, is to be managed by the operator
  • High production rates for large volumes: a valve assembled and tested every 5 seconds, i.e. 3 million valves per year
  • Dedicated supervision tool developed by ASM with Dashboards / Production Management in web access

Chaîne d'assemblage entièrement automatisée conçue et installée par ASM - vue générale 3D Détail de la ligne d'assemblage entièrement automatisée fabriquée par ASM - vue 3D Solidworks Photo de la ligne d'assemblage entièrement automatisée fabriquée par ASM - poste de convoyage


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