Conveying, Weighing and Mixing Perfumes in Drums

Expertise in Conveying and Handling Solutions:

ASM has been working for many years in collaboration with the two world leaders in industrial perfumery based in Grasse. The purpose of the installation presented here was to facilitate the conveying of the different packaging of the perfumes produced by our customer, while allowing optimized weighing, improved mixing as well as handling by the operators with optimal ergonomics for the operators, the weight of containers can be significant. The main difficulty of this project consisted in integrating these stations on an already existing line. To overcome this, ASM used all its skills in industrial conveying and also designed specifically for this client 4 dedicated motorized handling machines capable of adapting to newly created positions as well as to pre-existing ones.


The Installation for Conveying Perfumes:

  • Easier conveying of different drum models
  • Installation validated by an approved ergonomist, at the request of the customer
  • Complete integration of MIXEL mixers, managed by a 9-inch touchscreen HMI
  • Automated weighing and mixing
  • Installation made entirely of stainless steel, in accordance with the standards in force in industrial perfumery
  • Integration of 5 UNITRONICS PLCs
  • A 24m long line, with 1 weighing station, 4 mixing stations and 1 final reception station



Since its creation in 1997, ASM has designed and installed more than 300 production machines, prototypes and pilot installations in France and abroad, of which here are some examples: