Fully Automated Assembly Station for Medical

Assemble Blood Non-Return Valves:

ASM has designed a special machine for assembling blood non-return valves in Paris for one of the world leaders in single-use medical equipment. The very high rate of assembly and testing required very careful development by our engineers and technicians, particularly for the valve itself, which is more delicate to handle because it is flexible (medical silicone). In order to meet our client's requirements, ASM used the latest high frequency Pick & Place modules to achieve a manufacturing frequency of 2400 parts per hour.

Technical characteristics :

  • Assembly of the 2 ABS parts and the medical silicone valve
  • Ultrasonic welding, flow test, tightness test and bag packaging
  • Pick & Place high speeds: 2400 pieces per hour
  • An independent position, with 2 hours autonomy
  • SIEMENS PLC with integrated web server, allowing remote access by the customer and ASM to facilitate maintenance

Poste assemblage automatisé pour le médical




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