New Generation of Composites Curing Chamber

In context :

  • One of the world leaders in the manufacture of composites has developed a revolutionary way of cooking carbon parts, drastically reducing the cooking time (up to 4 times faster)
  • Looking for a recognized integrator, he turned to ASM for the industrialization of his first complete industrial system
  • The Australian client wanted a first installation in Germany for reception, followed by a final installation in Russia

Our solution a Conveyor:

  • Design, calculation and sizing of the cooking chamber reception structure
    • Dimensions of 8 meters by 6 meters
    • Up to 300 tons of maximum pressure to withstand
    • Calculation and modeling of elastic deformations related to thermal stresses
  • Conveying over 20 meters of the composite mould: mobile, 12 tons, 7 meters by 5 meters
  • Specific locking system to withstand the weights and pressures of the cooking chamber and above all to respect the mechanical tolerances (of the order of a millimeter)


ASM has designed and installed more than 300 production machines. Here are some examples of achievements that might interest you: