Automatic Assembly Machine for Medical Devices

Automatic Assembly Machine:

We have created an automatic assembly machine in ISO class 6, designed for the sequential assembly and filling of syringes with very high precision in the PACA region. Our rotating plate solution allows in particular high precision weighing (50 mg) despite the vibration constraints linked to the distribution of components by vibrating bowls.

This machine, intended for a Parisian customer, offers a smooth process, from depositing the syringe to removing the piston, guaranteeing precise handling of the components.

Job Description:

  • It distributes, weighs and doses the product into the syringe with high precision, ensuring homogeneous and reliable distribution.
  • There is a cap screwing system with torque control to guarantee the integrity of the assembly
  • After assembly, the machine ensures bulk evacuation of finished products

Its intuitive human-machine interface allows real-time monitoring of the process


Machine d'assemblage à plateau rotatif

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