Automated Assembly Machine for the Medical Industry

Semi-Automated Sealing Valve Assembly Machine:

Preceding the market introduction of a range of innovative products for oncology, ASM carried out an automated assembly and test pilot installation. The objective here was to validate a semi-automated assembly process for companies specializing in single-use medical equipment. It was a question of reaching an initial rate of 600 parts per hour, the long-term objective being to offer a new machine capable of reaching a rate of 3000 parts per hour, which ASM is quite capable of achieving. (see other achievement). This machine is the first of its kind and now allows ASM to offer on the market a semi-automated connector/sealing valve assembly machine for the medical sector.

Technical Characteristics Assembly Station:

  • Assembly of ABS parts and medical silicone valve, with ultrasonic welding
  • Lubrication, position test, flow test, tightness test and packaging in sachets
  • An ergonomic station, handling critical precision and test tasks
  • UNITRONICS PLC with integrated web server, allowing remote access by the customer and ASM to facilitate maintenance


ASM has designed and installed more than 300 production machines. Here are some examples of achievements that might interest you: