Automated Manufacture of Respiratory Masks


Realization by ultrasonic welding of respiratory masks used in the medical industry, particularly in the context of the prevention of H1N1 flu type pandemics.

Covid-19 Alert: We do not produce or sell respiratory masks.


Realization of 4 welding tools working in parallel, making it possible to reach a manufacturing rate of 24 masks per minute, i.e. more than 12 million masks manufactured per year.

Ligne de fabrication automatisée par ultrason de masques pour le médical grippe H1N1 Masques grippe H1N1 fabriqués par ligne automatique Chaîne de fabrication automatique pour le médical Chaîne de fabrication automatisée pour le médical Soudure ultrason de masques grippe H1N1 pour le médical Vue détaillée sonotrode automatisée pour soudure ultrason de masques grippe H1N1


Since its creation in 1997, ASM has designed and installed more than 300 production machines, prototypes and pilot installations in France and abroad, of which here are some examples: