Design of a Semi-Automated Assembly Station

Mission Objectives

Thanks to the expertise of its engineers and technicians, ASM is able to meet important requirements in terms of cost, deadlines and quality. This is how we work with many customers, especially automotive subcontractors.

This project consisted in designing an independent semi-automated station which had the particularity of having to adapt to a chassis predefined by the customer, in order to standardize its equipment.


Technical characteristics of the semi-automated assembly and test station:

  • Automated assembly of 3 silent blocks and soundproofing foam on the engine cover
  • Presence control of components and marking of good parts
  • Independent and semi-automated station (OMRON PLC)

Machine spéciale semi-automatisée - châssis Machine industrielle semi-automatisée - pièce Sortie de machine industrielle semi-automatisée


Since its creation in 1997, ASM has designed and installed more than 300 production machines, prototypes and pilot installations in France and abroad, of which here are some examples: