Packaging and Cutting Line

Our Automatic Cutting System:

ASM has created an automatic cutting system for animal health products in the PACA region, easy to use and completely secure. The product, recovered directly from the endless screw extruder, is continuously recovered until it is packaged.

Easy Operation and Full Production Automation:

The operator only has to adjust the spacing of the edges for the width of the product to be cut, then adjust the cut length stop and position the product between the edges before sliding it under the pressure roller, and throwing the cutting cycle via the control box.

Once the cycle has started, production is fully automated, from the recovery of the extruded products to the packaging in bags of multiple sizes.

  • The operative part consists of a motorized belt with adjustable edges with a pressure roller to flatten and move the product
  • A pneumatic cutter with flank press guarantees a good cut
  • The evacuation is done by radial evacuation cylinder with an adjustable cutting length stop as well as a detection sensor

ASM has designed and installed more than 300 production machines. Here are some examples of achievements that might interest you: