Simple tooling

Mission Objectives

The know-how of ASM engineers and technicians on special machines obviously allows them to produce simple tools.

These projects can be a first step to automation because they respond quickly and cost-effectively to automation requirements when our customers' production volumes become large.

ASM designed this tool for one of the French leaders in the manufacture of gold jewellery. Following automation by ASM of part of its upstream manufacturing, the punching station had become a bottleneck.


ASM therefore produced this semi-assisted tooling in a few weeks to speed up punching:

  • Anvil adjustable in X, Y and Z to adapt to any type of jewel
  • Manually pre-adjustable punch height
  • Change of punch by manual screwing
  • Punching by pneumatic cylinder controlled by pedal



Since its creation in 1997, ASM has designed and installed more than 300 production machines, prototypes and pilot installations in France and abroad, of which here are some examples: