Fully Automated Taps Assembly Line

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ASM - Automatisation de systèmes mécaniques - Lignes automatisées

Our client, a leading European company, reached ASM to design a fully automated assembly line, with testing and assembly of flush valves.

The main challenges of this project were managing the implementation of the line (limited area, multiple poles in the premises), reaching the production rate (5 seconds for taps consisting of 14 pieces), controlling the large number of workstations (23) and managing the production orders (several models of valves operated by the line)

After 6000 hours of design and development, ASM delivered a line with the following specifications:

  • Fully automated assembly of 14-piece flush valves
  • 23 workstations on a 15-meter long assembly line
  • 8 PLC for 23 workstations + 1 primary controller to manage manufacturing orders, user interface and integration with our client’s ERP
  • Output on two test benches, integrated with the production line
  • Only the supply, with a range of 2 hours, is to be managed by the operator
  • High production rates with large volumes: a flush valve assembled and tested every 5 seconds, i.e. 3 million flush valves per year

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