Fully Automated Assembly of Medical Valves

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ASM Assemblage automatisé - Automatisation Systèmes Mécanique

ASM designed a bloodless-valves assembly bespoke machine for a world leader in disposable medical equipment.

The very high rate of assembly and test required a very careful development from our engineers and technicians, specifically for the valve itself, more difficult to handle as it was flexible (medical silicone).

To meet the automation requirements of our client, ASM has used the latest high speed pick-and-place modules to reach a production of 2400 pieces per hour.

Technical characteristics of the machine:

  • Assembly of two pieces made of ABS and of a medical silicone valve
  • Ultrasonic welding, flow testing, leak testing and packaging in sachets
  • High speed pick & place: 2400 pieces per hour
  • Self-working machine with a 2-hour autonomy 

valves    Cam 3 video Assemblage automatisé ASM